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Buy a car for the cheapest rate in Sri Lanka by DirectDriving it. Import certified cars through at the lowest cost. Click to inquire prices for your desired car or choose the car you want to import on the “Ready to Ship” tab.

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DirectDrive your car from Physical Stock

DirectDrive’s physical stock comprises of certified cars free of repairs and accidents. Unbeatable prices offered to you with warranty applicable on Hybrid and Non-Hybrid vehicles. Click below to view currently available stock to get the best price in town.

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Your Car is Accident Free

Verified cars are free from accidents and damages to the vehicle, ensuring an intact chassis safe for driving.

Repair Free

Ensures that verified vehicles have not been previously repaired, reassuring customers a quality vehicle


All verified cars carry genuine mileage with no alternations to the odometer as opposed to many cars on the market.


Unmatched warranty on Hybrid and Non-Hybrid vehicles on Engine, Gearbox and Battery.

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